Linx New Antenna Product Catalogue and Overview Guide


This guide combines both product specifications with technical support information based on Linx's long history of helping people bring wireless technology to their products and applications. Throughout the guide, Linx Technologies talk about the differences in technology, definitions, regulations...More

ASIX Adds Mesh Networking Capability in Bluetooth Smart Modules for IoT Market


ASIX Electronics Corp, a leading fabless semiconductor company for embedded networking/bridging solutions, today announced adding Bluetooth mesh networking capability into its AXB03x series Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) portfolio. The mesh technology is regarded as a key to smart home and IoT...More

Delays during the Chinese New Year



Starting February 19, 2015 the Chinese New Year (CNY) will be celebrated in Taiwan and China. The ceremonies will last until the 15th day of the Chinese New Year (until Feb. 24, 2015). According to the Chinese Calendar the new year 2015 begins at that date.During CNY all factories will be closed....More

High-end audio integrated amplifier powered by Ultracapacitors



Red Wine Audio has previously provided a full line of high-end audio equipment powered by batteries. More

TRG Components adds products for power applications...


News, Company

TRG Components has expanded it's portfolio of products for power applications with the addition of circuit protection leader BrightKing Inc.

ECS Connectors launch NEW Website


ECS was incorporated in 1979 as a supplier of contacts to the electronic connector industry. Due to its innovative design capabilities, the company expanded into the connector industry itself, while developing a "can do" attitude that allowed ECS to design, and produce many parts that other...

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