Magtech Introduces New Q2 Series LED Driver


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Magtech Industries is excited to announce their new Q2 Series LED driver...a great solution for many OEM lighting  products and applications!

Following are some of the advantages of the Q2 LED driver over similar products:

  •         Q2 series is a UL listed LED driver – Accommodates many applications where UL recognized           drivers could not be utlized.
  •         Q2 driver is VERY Price Competitive.
  •         Q2 Series – comes in 60Watt and 100Watt, including both constant voltage or constant current            versions.
  •         Five available case styles to choose from.

a.     “LP” – built-in junction box on input and output.

b.     “MG” – junction box on input & gland with jacketed wire on output.

c.     “SC” – power cord on input and DC barrel plug on output.

d.     “SG” – Male tread on input and gland with jacketed wire on output.

e.     “SS” – Stud mount with bottom feed wires

General specifications:

1.     Operating temperature: -40 to +50°C, Tc:85°C

2.     3 in 1 dimming control plus “ENABLE” input

3.     Fully potted, suitable for dry and damp locations

4.     Input Range: 110-277VAC

5.     Frequency: 47 to 63Hz

6.     Max Power: 100W

7.     Protection: OCP, SCP, OLP-Auto Recovery

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