TRG Components offers a wide range of Passive Components such as capacitors, resistors, inductors, encoders, varistors, thermistors, potentiometers, antennas, transformers, and more. These parts will be used in nearly every machine and electronic board.

We offer our customer quality products from the following supplier-partners:


Power Inductors, LAN Magnetics, Ferrite Beads, Custom Transformers, Toroids, Common Mode Chokes and RJ45 Connectors.

Coilmaster Electronics Co.,Ltd.
Superworld Electronics


SMD Ceramic, Tantalum, Electrolytic, UltraCapacitors, XY Supression, Metalised Polypropylene and Polyester.

Tecate Group
Jenn Fu Electronic Corporation.
Aihua Group / Aishi


Through Hole Metal Film, Precision Surface Mount and Wirewound Resistors both general purpose and extremely tight tolerances.

Codeco Corporation